Attacked By Snakes!


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27 March 1991
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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North Hills High School - Pittsburgh PA (2005 - 2009)
Carlow University - Pittsburgh PA (2009 present)
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23, action figures, aliens, alternative fashion, androids, anime, barcodes, big boots, black lights, black sabbath, cartoons, cosplay, cute things, cyber, cybergoth, cyberpunk, cyberspace, cyborgs, daft punk, decora, dethklok, dinosaurs, discordianism, dolls, dope stars inc., dr. steel, dressing up, electronic, emilie autumn, fashion, fractals, freakazoid, freeware, fruits, gaia online, goggles, gorillaz, goth, gothic, gothic lolita, graphic design, gwen stefani, h.r. giger, harajuku, harajuku lovers, heavy metal, hihi puffy amiyumi, homestar runner, industrial, industrial music, internet, j-pop, j-rock, japan, japanese fashion, japanese street fashion, jpop, jrock, jthm, kawaii, kidrobot, lady gaga, lip service, lolita, mallgoths, manga, metalocalypse, murderface, music, neil gaiman, neon, neuromancer, new wave, paranormal, pokémon, portal, poupeegirl, punk, pvc, realware, repo! the genetic opera, rivetheads, robots, rocky horror picture show, roleplaying, rpgs, rudy rucker, san-x, sanrio, sci-fi, shibuya, shinjuku, shopping, simone legno, ska, snark, snow crash, software, steampunk, strobes, super lovers, takuya angel, tech, techno, technology, the aquabats, the interwebs, the matrix, the sandman, tokidoki, toys, trance, ufos, vinyl, virtual doll, virtual reality, visual kei, vnv nation, wank, wetware, william gibson, yo gabba gabba, zombies
Oh joy, let's write me a bio. The name's AgentKaz, which is my pseudonym of doom. I am a weirdo, which is quite obvious to everyone that has crossed paths with me. I quite enjoy the cartoon Metalocalypse, which is a very good show. I like zombies and science fiction and video games and *list list list... bleh*.

I'm in love with alternative fashion of all types, and I love coming up with different ways to blend styles and stuff. Harajuku is my fashion inspiration. I love dress up dolls, and pretty much anything where you dress up an avatar. :3

I also love aliens and the paranormal! :D

I'm really into electronic music, synthpop and futurepop most of all.

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